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Marketing Manager

Kevin Al

Lead Dev

Howard TR

Illustrator / Designer

For the love of cat say “MEOW MEOW” Rarity will be on Rarity Sniper



Multi level staking rewards provides passive income to holders



Meow Meow is first adoption house of fun loving cats with AI based cross breeding.



Avail Meowhouse NFT minting at metaverse along with clothing store at Metaverse for your lovelies.



Enjoy early access to future generations, plus access to community-wide events, raffles, and giveaways

Cats leave paw prints in your heart.

Forever and Always

In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the cats are colorful and full of different characters.

Jim Davis

Meow meow society

The vision of this Meow Meow society is to promote pet adoption culture worldwide because why not become an angel for pets. Our motto is to encourage and boost "Don't shop, Adopt" Our NFT''s is a complete depiction to show how lovely characters cat possesses.

  • access to meow meow society

    We are building a rich society for cat lovers. This NFT will give you access to MEOW MEOW Society, that has numerous perks like holders will earn $MMS from staking, get free 3D Meow and MeowHomes in metaverse, early access to future endeavor and many more.

  • MEOW MEOW staking

    Earn by staking your meow meow and show others to motivate them and spread the cause.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

    Our project is undergoing a complete marketing campaign.

  • meowmeow-DAO

    Our aims is to provide the community decision-making authority and to allow the project to grow in accordance with the requirements and desires of our stakeholders.


By following this society throughout you will enjoy many upcoming events as follows: * MEOW MEOW COLLECTION - part 1 minting, * NFT STAKING * MEOW MEOW COLLECTION - part 2 minting * Largest breeding event * First house minting

  • mint date

    3rd June 2022


    300 CRO



  • Listing on Secondary Marketplaces

    Listing MEOW MEOW collection on all major NFT marketplaces., Ebisusbay, Tofu & others

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